The NGO Regulatory Authority (NGORA) says it is pleased with the response from NGOs to comply with regulations. Earlier this year the Authority issued a notice reminding NGOs to register and renew their annual licenses by 31st March.

Speaking during a breakfast meeting with NGOs in Blantyre, NGORA Chief Executive Officer Edward Chileka Banda said there is an improvement in compliance levels among NGOs, saying most NGOs are now operating with valid licenses.

“We are happy that from January to 31st March 463 NGOs had obtained valid licenses, 33 NGOs had registered and we are currently processing more registrations. As a country now it’s time to go beyond compliance talk. Government and NGOs should now be talking about how to improve livelihoods in the country such as food security and education because NGOs are there to compliment government efforts,” he said.

He also announced a 1billion Kwacha NGO fund that government has put in place to build capacity of NGOs in the country.

Commenting on the NGO fund Presidential Advisor on NGOs Martha Kwataine said the fund is government response to the concerns raised by NGOs on capacity building of local NGOs.

“The 1billion fund is a response to the complaints that NGOs raised about capacity of local NGOs to absorb projects implemented by other NGOs assuming they have closed and also to manage the compliance mandates,” she explained.

Speaking on behalf of NGOs Bettie Chumbu from Development Communications Trust said the NGO Fund is a welcomed development as NGOs have a lot to learn.

“The capacity building window or the funds that have been set aside is a welcomed move to us NGOs because each and every day we need to learn. There are issues of how we can submit our reports how we can work in rural areas, and the funds have come on time,” she said.

NGORA on Tuesday, 9 April had a breakfast meeting with NGOs in Blantyre to engage them on issues of compliance and appreciate their work.

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