NumberName of NGOStatus
12nd Milk MinistryComplied
2Access Health Africa, IncComplied
3Action Aid MalawiComplied
4Action for ProgressComplied
5Action Hope MalawiComplied
6Action Ministries TrustComplied
7Active Aid in AfricaComplied
8Advancing Girls Education in AfricaComplied
9African Human TrustComplied
10African Institute of corporate CitizenshipComplied
11African Relief TrustComplied
12African Vision Malawi/The Landirani TrustComplied
13African Windmill ProjectComplied
14Ahlus Sunnah FoundationComplied
15Aid InternationalComplied
16Aids Health Care FoundationComplied
17Al-haqq Islamic TrustComplied
18Alimahomed Hassan TrustComplied
19Amitofo Care Centre LilongweComplied
20Amitofo Care Centre-BTComplied
21Amref Health AfricaComplied
22Aquaid Lifeline MalawiComplied
23Assemblies of God CareComplied
24Association of Early Childhood Development in MalawiComplied
25Association of Sunni Madrassahs (ASUM)Complied
26Bambino FoundationComplied
27Banja La MtsogoloComplied
28Barakah CharityComplied
29Basic Services Development AgencyComplied
30Baylor College of Medicine Children's foundation-MalawiComplied
31Better WorldComplied
32Beyond SuncareComplied
33Bhubesi Pride FoundationComplied
34Bilal TrustComplied
35Biodiversity Conservation InitiativeComplied
36Blantyre Society for the Protection and Care of AnimalsComplied
37Build OnComplied
38Campaign for Health Education, Sanitation and HygieneComplied
39Canadian Cooperative AssociationComplied
40Care MalawiComplied
41Catholic Relief ServicesComplied
42Centre for Alternatives for Victimised Women and ChildrenComplied
43Centre for Civil Society Strengthening OrganizationComplied
44Centre for Environmental Policy and AdvocacyComplied
45Centre for Human Rights and RehabilitationComplied
46Centre for Human Rights Education AdviceComplied
47Centre for Social Accountability and TransparencyComplied
48Centre for Solutions JournalismComplied
50Children of the NationsComplied
51Chipembere Community Development OrganizationComplied
52Christian Aid MalawiComplied
53Christian Health Association in MalawiComplied
54Churches Action for Relief and DevelopmentComplied
55Civil Society Education CoalitionComplied
56Clinton Health Access InitiativeComplied
57Coalition of Women and Girls Living with HIV/AIDS (COWLHA)Complied
58Collective Action for Rural DevelopmentComplied
59Community Action Development OrganizationComplied
60Community Initiative for Self Reliance (CISER)Complied
61Community of Saint E'gideoComplied
62Community Partnership for Relief and Development (COPRED)Complied
63Concern WorldwideComplied
64Cooper/Smith Trading as International Monitoring and Evaluation , LLCComplied
65Cooperazione InternazionaleComplied
66Corps AfricaComplied
67Creative Centre for community MobilizationComplied
68Design Outreach Complied
69Development Aid from People to PeopleComplied
70Development Communications TrustComplied
71Development Fund of NorwayComplied
72Direct Aid InternationalComplied
73D-Tree InternationalComplied
75Eagles Relief and Development ProgrammeComplied
76Early Childhood Development CoalitionComplied
78Elizabeth Glazer Paeditatric Aids FoundationComplied
81Eva Demaya CentreComplied
82Evangelical Association of MalawiComplied
83Evangelical Lutheran Development ServiceComplied
84Evidence ActionComplied
85EWS FoundationComplied
86Family Health InternationalComplied
87Family Planning Association of MalawiComplied
88Farmers Union of MalawiComplied
89Feed the Children,INCComplied
90Feed the Children-MalawiComplied
91Find your FeetComplied
92For a ChangeComplied
93Foundation for A Smoke-Free World, Inc DBA Agriculture Transformation InitiativeComplied
94Foundation for Active Civic EducationComplied
95Foundation for Civic Education and Social EmpowermentComplied
96Foundation for Community Livelihood and DevelopmentComplied
97Foundation for Community Support ServicesComplied
98Foundation for Irrigation and Sustainable Development (FISD)Complied
99Fountain of HopeComplied
100Friends of Aids Support TrustComplied
101Friends of Mulanje OrphansComplied
102Future Vision Ministries-CanadaComplied
104Gift of the Givers FoundationComplied
105Girls Empowerment NetworkComplied
106Give DirectlyComplied
107Global Aids Interfaith Alliance TrustComplied
108Global Health CorpsComplied
109Global Hope MobilizationComplied
110Goal MalawiComplied
111God Care Rights FoundationComplied
112Good Neighbours InternationalComplied
113Good People InternationalComplied
115Habitat for HumanityComplied
116Heart to Heart FoundationComplied
117Heed MalawiComplied
118HoodSmart FoundationComplied
119Hope for People Empowerment MinistryComplied
120Hope InternationalComplied
121Hygiene Village ProjectComplied
122IM Swedish Development PartnerComplied
123Imaging the World AfricaComplied
124Innovations AfricaComplied
125Inter AideComplied
126International Centre for World MissionComplied
127International Foundation for Electoral Support SystemsComplied
128International Support and Partnership for Health (ISAPH)Complied
130I-Tech MalawiComplied
131Jacaranda FoundationComplied
133Joshua Orphan and Community Care Complied
134JSI Research and Training Institute, IncComplied
135Kids World Outreach SocietyComplied
136Kindle Orphan OutreachComplied
137Kingdom WorkersComplied
138KNCV Tuberculosis FoundationComplied
139Kondanani Children VillageComplied
140Kusamala Institute of Agriculture and EcologyComplied
141Ladder for Rural DevelopmentComplied
142Last Mile HealthComplied
143Leadership for Environment and DevelopmentComplied
144Life Child International TrustComplied
145Life Concern OrganizationComplied
146Lifenet International Complied
147Lilongwe Islamic MovementComplied
148Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of AnimalsComplied
149Lilongwe Wildlife TrustComplied
150Limbe Muslim JaamatComplied
151Link Community DevelopmentComplied
152Live Love LimitedComplied
153Love Driven MinistriesComplied
154Lower Shire AmbassadorsComplied
155Lydia ActionComplied
156Maeve ProjectComplied
157Mai Aisha TrustComplied
158Make a DifferenceComplied
159Malawi Business Coalition Against HIV & AIDSComplied
160Malawi Economic Justice NetworkComplied
161Malawi Human Rights Resource CentreComplied
162Malawi Interfaith Aids AssociationComplied
163Malawi Network of Aids Service Organizations (MANASO)Complied
164Malawi Network of Elderly Person's OrganizationsComplied
165Malawi Relief Fund-UKComplied
166Malawi Scotland PartnershipComplied
167Malawi Union for the BlindComplied
168Management Sciences for HealthComplied
169Mau OyiwalikaComplied
170Mc Kallies Home of Future and HopeComplied
171Mehboob Memorial CentreComplied
172Mercy Beyond BoardersComplied
173Ministry of HopeComplied
174Miral WelfareComplied
175Mission KwasizabantuComplied
176Mlambe Health and Social TrustComplied
177Mlango AssociationComplied
178Mothers 2 MothersComplied
179Motivation Charitable TrustComplied
180Mustard SeedsComplied
181Nascent SolutionsComplied
182National Democratic InstituteComplied
183National Women Lobby and RightsComplied
184Naturally AfricaComplied
185Nayuchi Aids Network ServicesComplied
186Ndi Moyo Palliative Care TrustComplied
187Network of Journalists Living with HIV/AIDS (JONEHA)Complied
188New Apostolic Church Relief OrganizationComplied
189NGO Coalition on Child RightsComplied
190Nkhadze Alive Youth OrganizationComplied
191Nowergian Church Aid Complied
192NPO ColorbathComplied
193Ntchisi Evangelical Churches Consortium for Social ServicesComplied
194Ntchisi Organization for Youth and Development (NOYD)Complied
195Nyumba ya TsogoloComplied
196One Acre FundComplied
197Open Arms Infant HomesComplied
198Oppoturnity International MalawiComplied
199Orant Charities AfricaComplied
200Organization for Sustainable Social Economic Development InitiativeComplied
201Orphan MinistriesComplied
202Oxfam MalawiComplied
203PACT MalawiComplied
204Pakachere Institute for Health and DevelopmentComplied
205Parallegal Advisory Service InstituteComplied
206Parent of Disabled Children Association in MalawiComplied
207Partners in Action for Sustainable DevelopmentComplied
208Partners in Harvest AfricaComplied
209Partners in HealthComplied
210Partners in HopeComplied
211Passion Centre for ChildrenComplied
213Pentecostal Charismatic Network of MalawiComplied
214Plan International INC, MalawiComplied
215Population Services InternationalComplied
216Positive StepsComplied
218Project Peanut ButterComplied
219Pump AidComplied
221Rays of Hope MinistriesComplied
222Reach the NeedyComplied
223Reaching People in NeedComplied
224Regional Psychosocial Support InitiativeComplied
225Rhema Institute for DevelopmentComplied
226Right to CareComplied
227Ripple AfricaComplied
228Rivers of GoodnessComplied
229Ruth's Shawl,IncComplied
230Samaritan TrustComplied
231Save the ChildrenComplied
232Scottish International Relief Malawi/Mary's MealsComplied
233Segal FamilyComplied
234Seibo Maria Complied
235Self Help AfricaComplied
236Shaping Our FutureComplied
237Shelter on the RockComplied
238Shine on MalawiComplied
239Sightsavers InternationalComplied
240Small Producers Development and Transporters AssociationComplied
241Soils Food and Healthy CommunitiesComplied
242Solar AidComplied
243SRHR Africa TrustComplied
244St John Council MalawiComplied
246Stephanos FoundationComplied
247Sue Ryder Foundation in MalawiComplied
248Sunfire Social LimitedComplied
250TechnoServe MalawiComplied
251Teen Missions InternationalComplied
252The Bible Society of MalawiComplied
253The Charchar TrustComplied
254The Chesney TrustComplied
255The Children's FundComplied
256The Heartwarmers FoundationComplied
257The Hunger ProjectComplied
258The Sonder ProjectComplied
259Theatre for a ChangeComplied
260There is HopeComplied
261Tilitonse FoundationComplied
262Timotheos FoundationComplied
264Tiphedzane Community Support OrganizationComplied
265Tongole FoundationComplied
266Total land Care MalawiComplied
267Tovwirane OrganizationComplied
269Trustees of Agricultural Promotion ProgrammeComplied
270Tubepoka Development InitiativeComplied
271Ujamaa PamodziComplied
272Umunthu PlusComplied
274United PurposeComplied
275Urunji Childcare TrustComplied
276Victory Christian Children's HomeComplied
277Village ReachComplied
278Voluntary Service OverseasComplied
280Warm Hearts FoundationComplied
281Water Aid MalawiComplied
282Water for PeopleComplied
283Water Missions InternationalComplied
284Water Wells AfricaComplied
285Water Witness InternationalComplied
286We EffectComplied
288When the SaintsComplied
289White Ribbon AllianceComplied
290Winrock InternationalComplied
291Women of Virtue International Christian Charity OrganizationComplied
292Women's Hope for ChangeComplied
293World Association Friends of AfricaComplied
294World Child CancerComplied
295World Relief InternationalComplied
296World RenewComplied
297World SharpComplied
298World Vision International MalawiComplied
299Yamba Malawi, IncComplied
300Yembekeza FoundationComplied
301Young LifeComplied
302Young Women RiseComplied
303Young Women's Christian Association of MalawiComplied
304Youth Project ExcellencyComplied
305Youth Response for Social ChangeComplied
306Zikomo Yesu EnterprisesComplied
307Zoe MinistryComplied
308Able FoundationNon-Compliant
309Action for Environmental SustainabilityNon-Compliant
310Active Youth Iniative for Social Enhancement Non-Compliant
311Adolescent Girls Literacy Association Non-Compliant
312Adventist development and Relief AgencyNon-Compliant
313Africa Aid TrustNon-Compliant
314Africa Future FoundationNon-Compliant
315African Centre of Communication for DevelopmentNon-Compliant
316African Fertilizer and Agribusiness PartnershipNon-Compliant
317African Inspire FoundationNon-Compliant
318Against All Odds Still StandingNon-Compliant
319Agricultural Commodity Exchange for Africa TrustNon-Compliant
320Al-Ehsan and A-Bir TrustNon-Compliant
321Al-Farah Charitable TrustNon-Compliant
322All Creatures Animal Welfare leagueNon-Compliant
323Andiamo Youth Cooperative TrustNon-Compliant
324Angaliba FoundationNon-Compliant
325Art and Global health centre AfricaNon-Compliant
326Association for The Empowernment of WomenNon-Compliant
327Association of Malawian Midwives Non-Compliant
328Association of Progressive Women Non-Compliant
329Badilika FoundationNon-Compliant
330Baobab Health TrustNon-Compliant
331Baptist Development Services Non-Compliant
333Bedir Education and Medical Foundation TrustNon-Compliant
334Billy Riordan Memorial TrustNon-Compliant
335Blantyre Institute for Commuinity OphthalmologyNon-Compliant
336Blantyre North Relief ProjectNon-Compliant
337Bwalo InitiativeNon-Compliant
338Camfed MalawiNon-Compliant
339Canadian Physician for Aid and Relief-MalawiNon-Compliant
340Center for Youth and Children Affairs Non-Compliant
341Centre for Advancement of Sustainable Development Non-Compliant
342Centre for Child Development and ResearchNon-Compliant
343Centre for Climate Change and Environment Management Non-Compliant
344Centre for Community Organisation and Development Non-Compliant
345Centre for Conflict Management and Women Development Affairs Non-Compliant
346Centre for development communication Non-Compliant
347Centre for Development of PeopleNon-Compliant
348Centre for Development, Research and Information in Southern Africa Non-Compliant
349Centre for Good Governance Human Rights and EducationNon-Compliant
350Centre for International ProgramsNon-Compliant
351Centre for Investigative Journalism in Malawi Non-Compliant
352Centre for Multiparty democracyNon-Compliant
353Centre for Sustainable Development Non-Compliant
354Centre for Sustainable Integrated Development Non-Compliant
355Centre for Sustanable Community development Non-Compliant
356Centre for Women, Childen and Youth EmpowermentNon-Compliant
357Centre for Young Leaders in AfricaNon-Compliant
358Centre for Youth and DevelopmentNon-Compliant
359Centre for Youth Development and Social Empowerment Non-Compliant
360Centre for Youth Empowerment and Civic Education Non-Compliant
361CHAGUNDA Community PROJECTNon-Compliant
362Chambe Centre for Divine MercyNon-Compliant
363Chance for ChangeNon-Compliant
364Change Her WorldNon-Compliant
365Child Legacy InternationalNon-Compliant
366Children of Southern AfricaNon-Compliant
367Children's HopeNon-Compliant
368Chilengedwe Eco-System Management OrganisationNon-Compliant
369Chinansi FoundationNon-Compliant
370Chingale Neno Recovery & Development Programme Non-Compliant
371Chovwano for Development Non-Compliant
372Christ Care MinistriesNon-Compliant
373Christian Aid and Literature AfricaNon-Compliant
374Christian Blind MissionNon-Compliant
375Christian Orphan outreach missionNon-Compliant
376Christian Service Committee of the Churches in MalawiNon-Compliant
377Christian Youth Association of Malawi_CYAMANon-Compliant
378Circle for Intergrated Community DevelopmentNon-Compliant
379Circle J Ministries InternationalNon-Compliant
380Circle of HopeNon-Compliant
381Citizens Network for Foreign AffairsNon-Compliant
382Civil Liberties CommitteeNon-Compliant
383Civil Society Agriculture Network Non-Compliant
384Civil Society Network on Climate ChangeNon-Compliant
385Civil Society Organisation Nutrition Alliance Non-Compliant
386Coalition for the Empowerment of Women and Girls Non-Compliant
387Coalition on Media and Education for Development Africa ForumNon-Compliant
388Collective Action For Sustainable Community Development Non-Compliant
389Comitato Internazionale Per Lo Sviluppo Dei Popoli Non-Compliant
390Commercial drivers Rehabilitation Consultative CouncilNon-Compliant
391Communities in Development ActivitiesNon-Compliant
392Community Action for Sustainable development OrganisationNon-Compliant
393Community Against Diabetes & HypertensionNon-Compliant
394Community Care Project TrustNon-Compliant
395Community Centre for Youth Support Non-Compliant
396Community Development InitiativeNon-Compliant
397Community Energy MalawiNon-Compliant
398Community Enrichment Services LimitedNon-Compliant
399Community for Youth DevelopmentNon-Compliant
400Community Health Rights Advocacy LimitedNon-Compliant
401Community Hope OrganisationNon-Compliant
402Community ImpactNon-Compliant
403Community Initiative for Social Empowernment Non-Compliant
404Compassion InternationalNon-Compliant
405Co-ordination Unit for Rehabilitation of the Environment Non-Compliant
406Corruption and Rights Watch Non-Compliant
407Creative Centre for Learning DisabilityNon-Compliant
408Dawat E IslamiNon-Compliant
410Democracy Works FoundationNon-Compliant
411Determined to DevelopNon-Compliant
412Developed Media ImagingNon-Compliant
413Development Action for Marginalised Rural AreasNon-Compliant
414Development and Equity in Training Aid Non-Compliant
415Development Media InternationalNon-Compliant
416Direct Connections to AfricaNon-Compliant
417Disabilty HIV and Aids Trust Non-Compliant
418Disabled Women in Africa Non-Compliant
419Disabled Women in DevelopmentNon-Compliant
420Dominion FoundationNon-Compliant
421Drug Fight MalawiNon-Compliant
422ECHO AfricaNon-Compliant
423Education Expertise Development FoundationNon-Compliant
424Ekwendeni Women DAWA OrganisationNon-Compliant
425Elohim MinistriesNon-Compliant
426Emmanuel InternationalNon-Compliant
428Environmental and Education resources Development TrustNon-Compliant
429Episcopal Conference of MalawiNon-Compliant
430Facilitators of Community Transformation Non-Compliant
431Family Development ServicesNon-Compliant
432Family Rights, Elderly and Child ProtectionNon-Compliant
433Farm Radio TrustNon-Compliant
434Farmers Voice AfricaNon-Compliant
435Fatima CentreNon-Compliant
436Federation of Disability Organisation in MalawiNon-Compliant
437Female Education and Empowerment Centre Trust Non-Compliant
438Finance Assistance Change EducationNon-Compliant
439Fletcher Moyo FoundationNon-Compliant
440Floja FoundationNon-Compliant
441Footsteps AfricaNon-Compliant
442Forum for Africa Women Educationalist in malawi Non-Compliant
443Forum for Peace and JusticeNon-Compliant
444Foundation for Actions Against AIDS and for Sustained DevelopmentNon-Compliant
445Foundation for Arts and CultureNon-Compliant
446Foundation for Children's RightsNon-Compliant
447Foundation for Community & capacity Development Non-Compliant
448Foundation for Development and Population InitiativesNon-Compliant
449Foundation for Rural DevelopmentNon-Compliant
450Foundation for Volunteers ServicesNon-Compliant
451Foundation of Girls Education and Health NetworkNon-Compliant
452Fount For NationsNon-Compliant
453Fountain of LifeNon-Compliant
454Freedom from Fistula FoundationNon-Compliant
455Friends of MachingaNon-Compliant
456Friends of Sick Children Non-Compliant
457Future of Children FoundationNon-Compliant
458Future Planning for the ChildNon-Compliant
459Gender Support Programme Non-Compliant
460GENESISI Manja OthandizaNon-Compliant
461GENESISI Manja OthandizaNon-Compliant
462GGEM FarmingNon-Compliant
463Girl-child Education, HIV and Aids Non-Compliant
464Girls Education and Women EmpowermentNon-Compliant
465Global CommunitiesNon-Compliant
466Good Health OrganisationNon-Compliant
467Good News CorpsNon-Compliant
468Gospel in Action Ministries Non-Compliant
469Governance, Gender, Justice and Development CentreNon-Compliant
470Grace Farm and Childrens HomeNon-Compliant
471Grace MinistriesNon-Compliant
472Grains Hope Mobilisation Non-Compliant
473Grassroots Movement for Health & DevelopmentNon-Compliant
474Green LivelihoodsNon-Compliant
475H.E.A.L TrustNon-Compliant
476H.E.L.P MalawiNon-Compliant
477Harvest Hope HomeNon-Compliant
478Health and Rights education Programme Non-Compliant
479Heifer Project InternationalNon-Compliant
480Help a Child (Stichting Red een Kind )Non-Compliant
481Hope African InternationalNon-Compliant
482Hope for The BlindNon-Compliant
483Hope for the NationsNon-Compliant
484Hope Missions MinistriesNon-Compliant
485Hope Vision SupportNon-Compliant
486Human Development ServicesNon-Compliant
487Human Rights consultative CommitteeNon-Compliant
488IGA MalawiNon-Compliant
490International Fund for Animal Welfare LimitedNon-Compliant
491IQRA Islamic VisionNon-Compliant
492Irish Rule of Law InternationalNon-Compliant
493Islamic Health AssociationNon-Compliant
494Islamic relief-MalawiNon-Compliant
495Jesuit Refugee ServiceNon-Compliant
496Jesuit World LearningNon-Compliant
497John C. Thomas Children FoundationNon-Compliant
498Journalists Association Against AIDS Non-Compliant
499Joy to the World MinistriesNon-Compliant
500Judith FoundationNon-Compliant
501Kamoto Foundation for Rural Development and InitiativeNon-Compliant
502Kasalika Community development OrganisationNon-Compliant
503Kavuzi Camp TrustNon-Compliant
504Kidney research FoundationNon-Compliant
505Knowledge of the Laws of the LandNon-Compliant
506Kunyumba TrustNon-Compliant
508Labour Rights OrganisationNon-Compliant
509Landnet MalawiNon-Compliant
510Legal resources FoundationNon-Compliant
511Leples Vision for the NeedyNon-Compliant
512Lifecare FoundationNon-Compliant
513Ligowe Community Development OrganisationNon-Compliant
514Likoma Conservation FoundationNon-Compliant
515Lipangwe Organic manure Demonstrarion farm Non-Compliant
516Little Dresses for AfricaNon-Compliant
517Lobbying for Peace, Justice and Transparency Non-Compliant
518Luke InternationalNon-Compliant
520Mai KhandaNon-Compliant
521Malawi AIDS Counselling Resource Organisation Non-Compliant
522Malawi Alcohol Policy AllianceNon-Compliant
523Malawi Centre for Advice Research & Education on RightsNon-Compliant
524Malawi Children's VillageNon-Compliant
525Malawi Electoral Support nertworkNon-Compliant
526Malawi Epidemiology and Intervention Research UnitNon-Compliant
527Malawi Girl Guides Association Non-Compliant
528Malawi Health Equity NetworkNon-Compliant
529Malawi Human Rights Youth Network Non-Compliant
530Malawi Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS Non-Compliant
531Malawi Volunteer OrganisationNon-Compliant
532Malawi Women AssociationNon-Compliant
533Maternity WorldwideNon-Compliant
534Matunkha Development TrustNon-Compliant
535Mchinji Orphanage (Home of Hope)Non-Compliant
536Media Council of MalawiNon-Compliant
537Medical Care Development InternationalNon-Compliant
538Meeting HubNon-Compliant
539Mercy CareNon-Compliant
540Mercy Charity FoundationNon-Compliant
541Merry Year InternationalNon-Compliant
542Micro Loan FoundationNon-Compliant
543Mineral and Appropriate technology Applicable in MalawiNon-Compliant
544Moravian Humanitarian Development InitiativeNon-Compliant
545Mother Mary's Children CentreNon-Compliant
546Mothers Helping Hand TrustNon-Compliant
547Mponela Aids Information and Counselling CentreNon-Compliant
548Mtendere Electoral Support NetworkNon-Compliant
549Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust Non-Compliant
550Munazamat Al-Dawa Al-IslamicNon-Compliant
551Muni Vocational Home CentreNon-Compliant
552Mustard Seeds CommunitiesNon-Compliant
553Naki FoundationNon-Compliant
554Namwera AIDS Coordinating CommitteeNon-Compliant
555Nanze Children's Services, INCNon-Compliant
556Nanzikambe Arts development OrganisationNon-Compliant
557NASO Trust-For Positive Mindset ChangeNon-Compliant
558National Association of Business WomenNon-Compliant
559National Association for People Living with HIV/AIDS in MalawiNon-Compliant
560National Elections Systems TrustNon-Compliant
561National Nutrition HIV/AIDS Social Rehabilitation Non-Compliant
562Nature Conservation and Humanitarian Support Organisation Non-Compliant
563Network for Youth DevelopmentNon-Compliant
564New Vision Foundation TrustNon-Compliant
565NGO Gender Coordination networkNon-Compliant
566Nkhoma Synod Youth and Children MinistryNon-Compliant
567Nkhotakota Community RadioNon-Compliant
568Nvak FoundationNon-Compliant
569One Dollar Glasses Malawi LtdNon-Compliant
570One Step FoundationNon-Compliant
571Outreach Development ProgramNon-Compliant
572Outreach Scout Foundation Non-Compliant
573Paediatrics and Child Health Association Non-Compliant
574Palliative Care Assocviation Malawi Non-Compliant
575Pamoza InternationalNon-Compliant
576Pan African Civic Educators Network Non-Compliant
577Pang'ono Pang'ono O.D.VNon-Compliant
578Parent and Child Health Initiative Non-Compliant
579Participatory development Initiatives Non-Compliant
580Participatory Rural Development OrganisationNon-Compliant
581Partner for DevelopmentNon-Compliant
582Partnership for Human SecurityNon-Compliant
583Peace and Development TrustNon-Compliant
584Peachtree Tubepoka LegaciesNon-Compliant
585Peoples Federation for national Peace and developmentNon-Compliant
586Perivoli Schools TrustNon-Compliant
587Philadelphia Missionary Training CentreNon-Compliant
588Phokera Health InitiativeNon-Compliant
589Phunzirani development OrganisationNon-Compliant
590Positive Action for Youth and WomenNon-Compliant
591Prison Fellowship MalawiNon-Compliant
592Professional Women's Network Non-Compliant
593Project Concern InternationalNon-Compliant
594Project Heart to Heart MalawiNon-Compliant
595Public Affairs CommitteeNon-Compliant
596Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi Non-Compliant
597Rafiki Foundation MalawiNon-Compliant
598Rainbow Childrens Development CentreNon-Compliant
599Reflecting FoundationNon-Compliant
600Rejoice in Hope (Sister to Brother)Non-Compliant
601RENEW N' ABLE MALAWINon-Compliant
602Research For Equity and Community Health-TrustNon-Compliant
603Research Triangle Institute Non-Compliant
604Rhoda Foundation for Development Initiatives Non-Compliant
605Rights Advice CentreNon-Compliant
606Rights institute for Social EmpowermentNon-Compliant
607Rights People Claim Non-Compliant
608River of Life OrganisationNon-Compliant
609Rumphi HIV/AIDS and Education Awareness programme Non-Compliant
610Rural Education Support and Rehabilitation Unit Non-Compliant
611Rural Poultry CentreNon-Compliant
613Salima HIV/AIDS Support Organisation Non-Compliant
615Save Orphan MinistriesNon-Compliant
616Save the Youth Organisation Non-Compliant
617Sceptre Youth Skills Development CentreNon-Compliant
618Scope ProgramNon-Compliant
619Seed Global Health LimitedNon-Compliant
620Small Scale Livestock promotion programmeNon-Compliant
621Smile MalawiNon-Compliant
622Social Economic enhancement and Enterprise development Non-Compliant
623Social Foundation justice Development CouncilNon-Compliant
624Social Islamic development Non-Compliant
625Society for Women and Aids in malawiNon-Compliant
626Socio-Cultural AssociationNon-Compliant
627SOS children VillageNon-Compliant
628Sparrows Girls FoundationNon-Compliant
629Special Olympics MalawiNon-Compliant
630Stand As One Ministry LimitedNon-Compliant
631Story TimeNon-Compliant
632Student Christian Organisation of MalawiNon-Compliant
633Sub-Suharan Africa Family EnrichmentNon-Compliant
634Sugarcane Growers Association of malawiNon-Compliant
635Sunrise Family services SocietyNon-Compliant
636Support Elderly People and Youth Initiative Organisation Non-Compliant
637Support the Children InitiativeNon-Compliant
638Sustainable Community Development Through Peoples Participation Non-Compliant
639Sustainable Rural Community development OrganisationNon-Compliant
640Sustainable Rural Growth and development Initiative Non-Compliant
641Synod of Livingstonia Church of Central africa PresbyterianNon-Compliant
642Teethsavers internationalNon-Compliant
643Temwa MalawiNon-Compliant
644The Foundation for Rural Development Non-Compliant
645The Malama Feeding Centre TrustNon-Compliant
646The Mlambe Project LimitedNon-Compliant
647The New Restoration Ministries internationalNon-Compliant
648The Raising MalawiNon-Compliant
649The Sparkle FoundationNon-Compliant
650The Story Workshop and Education TrustNon-Compliant
651Tigwirane Manja OrganisationNon-Compliant
652Tigwiranemanja AIDS Support OrganisationNon-Compliant
653Timveni Child and Youth Media OrganisationNon-Compliant
654Titha Organisation for Persons with DisabilityNon-Compliant
655Tithandizane Association for the BlindNon-Compliant
656Tithandizane Youth Support OrganisationNon-Compliant
657Tiwakhululukire Iwowa InitiativeNon-Compliant
658Tiwasunge Community Support OrganisationNon-Compliant
659Tiyende Pamodzi GroupNon-Compliant
661Traditional Healers Research and Counselling AssociationNon-Compliant
662Training Support for PartnersNon-Compliant
663Trust Psychosocial SupportNon-Compliant
664Ubuntunet Alliance for Research and Education NetworkingNon-Compliant
666Ulimi TrustNon-Compliant
667Umodzi Youth Organisation Non-Compliant
668Umunthu FoundationNon-Compliant
669United Village TransformationNon-Compliant
670Unlimited Youth OrganisationNon-Compliant
671Village of HopeNon-Compliant
672Vision For DevelopmentNon-Compliant
673Visual Hearing Impairment of Membership Association Non-Compliant
675War on Want Northern IrelandNon-Compliant
676WASTE MalawiNon-Compliant
677Water WorksNon-Compliant
678Wellspring MinistriesNon-Compliant
679Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi Non-Compliant
680William J Clinton FoundationNon-Compliant
681Women and Law in Southern AfricaNon-Compliant
682Women for Fair Development Non-Compliant
683Women in Partnership Against HIV and AIDSNon-Compliant
684Women's Legal Resources centre_WOLRECNon-Compliant
685Work for Rural HealthNon-Compliant
686World Education, IncNon-Compliant
687World Hope InternationalNon-Compliant
688World Learnig IncNon-Compliant
689World Medical FundNon-Compliant
690World University Service of CanadaNon-Compliant
691Yaboki Social Welfare Organisation Non-Compliant
692Young LifeNon-Compliant
693Youth and Childrens Rights Shield Non-Compliant
694Youth and Community Development OrganisationNon-Compliant
695Youth and Society Non-Compliant
696Youth Care ministriesNon-Compliant
697Youth Coalition for the Consolidation of DemocracyNon-Compliant
698Youth for Green WorldNon-Compliant
699Youth Impact MalawiNon-Compliant
700Youth Initiative for Change and DevelopmentNon-Compliant
701Youth Initiative for Community Development Non-Compliant
702Youth Net and counselling Non-Compliant
703Youth of Malawi, INCNon-Compliant
704Youth Watch Society Non-Compliant
705Zam Zam FoundationNon-Compliant
706Zayed Energy and Ecology centreNon-Compliant
707Action Against Hunger-SpainClosed
708Africa Lift INC.Closed
709Aself Help Assistance Programme-AfricaClosed
710Ayaya FoundationClosed
711Blindness Zero (0) Movement InstituteClosed
712Bloom trustClosed
713Care from the HeartClosed
714Chisomo Childrens ClubClosed
715Counterpart International, IncClosed
716Dignitas InternationalClosed
717Ekari FoundationClosed
718Food for the HungryClosed
719Global Health InnovationsClosed
721John Hopkins University Centre for Communication ProgrammeClosed
722Lifeline Malawi TrustClosed
723Mai Mwana TrustClosed
724Majilis Ulama HIV/AIDS CouncilClosed
725Medecins San Frontieres-GreeceClosed
726Millennium Promise Japan Closed
727Millennium Youth Development Trust Closed
728Mizu Foundation LimitedClosed
729Philadephia FoundationClosed
730Project Hope MalawiClosed
731The Book Bus FoundationClosed
732Woman Care GlobalClosed
733World Altering Medicine OrganisationClosed
734Youth in Agriculture for Economic Development Closed
735Action for HealthCare FoundationNewly Registered
736AfroGardenNewly Registered
737Al wesal OrganisationNewly Registered
738Ana Onse Mpata UmodziNewly Registered
739Angsoma Development CommissionNewly Registered
740Better WorldNewly Registered
741Beyond SuncareNewly Registered
742BRIDGE ACADEMYNewly Registered
743Caring Hands Centre LimitedNewly Registered
744Chifona TrustNewly Registered
745Children of Hope OrganisationNewly Registered
746Chitipa Restoration ProjectNewly Registered
747Climate Friendly Food and FuelNewly Registered
748Collective Action fofr Rural DevelopmentNewly Registered
749Community Development InitiativeNewly Registered
750Community ImpactNewly Registered
751Developed Medical ImagingNewly Registered
752Dominion FoundationNewly Registered
753Engage the NationsNewly Registered
754Farmers' Voice AfricaNewly Registered
755Fountain of HopeNewly Registered
756HealthwiseNewly Registered
757Hoodsmart FoundationNewly Registered
758Innovation Fish Farmers Network TrustNewly Registered
759Islamic Zakaat FundNewly Registered
760Joint Village Development InitiativeNewly Registered
761Let's BuildNewly Registered
762Lilongwe Islamic MovementNewly Registered
763Lukas FoundationNewly Registered
764M'bawa Herbalists AssociationNewly Registered
765Medic to MedicNewly Registered
766Medical Care Development InternationalNewly Registered
767Mercy Charity FoundationNewly Registered
768Moravian Humanitarian and Development ServicesNewly Registered
769Mustard Seed School of MinistryNewly Registered
770Nvak FoundationNewly Registered
771One Step FoundationNewly Registered
772Organizaciao Fraternidade Sem FronteirasNewly Registered
773Othakarhaka Charity FoundationNewly Registered
774OUR AIM FOUNDATIONNewly Registered
775Outreach Development ProgramNewly Registered
776Pashello Charitable TrustNewly Registered
777Reaching Peole in NeedNewly Registered
778RehaNewly Registered
779Save UsNewly Registered
780Southern Africa Literature TrustNewly Registered
781Sparrows Girls' FoundationNewly Registered
782The Mlambe Project LimitedNewly Registered
783Trust Psychosocial Support LimitedNewly Registered
784Trustees of Traditional Healers Research and Counselling AssociationNewly Registered
785United Mission FoundationNewly Registered
786Village Savings and Development Enhancement InitiativeNewly Registered
787Youth WaveNewly Registered
788Action for Sustainable DevelopmentDormant
789Advocation Rights of People Living with HIV/AIDS and Women EmpowernmentDormant
790Africa Child FoundationDormant
791Africa Future FoundationDormant
792Africa Mindset Change DevelopmentDormant
793African Centre of Communication for DevelopmentDormant
794African Development & Education FoundationDormant
795Agribusiness Systems International Dormant
796Alinane Chisomo Television TrustDormant
797Anna kachikho FoundationDormant
798Applied Development Communication and Training ServicesDormant
799Badilika TrustDormant
800Banda Bola Sports FoundationDormant
801Blantyre Health Research and Training Trust Dormant
802Callista Mutharika Safe Motherhood FoundationDormant
803Capacity Building Unit for NGO's Dormant
804Center for Governance and Public ParticipationDormant
805Centre for Agriculture Labour Efficient and Development Dormant
806Centre for Children Affairs_MalawiDormant
807Centre for Climate Change and Environmental ManagementDormant
808Centre for Community and Youth DevelopmentDormant
809Centre for Development Journalism and AdvocacyDormant
810Centre for Development, Research and Information in Southern Africa Dormant
811Centre for Health and Development ImpactDormant
812Centre for Legal AssistanceDormant
813Chikondano Women and AlliedDormant
814Child rights Advocacy and Paralegal aid centre Dormant
815Citizen Alliance Dormant
816Citizens for justiceDormant
817Citizens HealthDormant
818Consumers Association of Malawi Dormant
819Counselling of the Adolescent and Youth Organisation Dormant
820Dream Big Global InitiativeDormant
821Ecumenical Counselling CentreDormant
822Education CommisionDormant
823Education Commission of LilongweDormant
824Eldery People Association Dormant
825Environment AfricaDormant
826Eye for Development Dormant
827Eye of the ChildDormant
828Faith Orphanage and Youth OrganisationDormant
829Farmers Forum for Trade and Social Justice FAFOTRAJ)Dormant
830Forum for AIDS Counselling and TrainingDormant
831Forum for Civic Education Dormant
832Foundation for Volunteers ServiceDormant
833Fountain of Hope-BlantyreDormant
834Gender Support ProgrammeDormant
835Gift FoundationDormant
836Girl EffectDormant
837Girls Education Program SWEMAL Dormant
838God's ProjectDormant
839Grace FoundationDormant
840H.H.K MissionDormant
841Happy Heart TrustDormant
842Healing Every NationalDormant
843Henri Mumba FoundationDormant
844Hivos FoundationDormant
845Hope for Adolescents Dormant
846Hope for Cancer FoundationDormant
847Hope for Children Development Initiative Dormant
848Hope for Empowerment of Local CommunitiesDormant
849Hope for the Heart MissionsDormant
850Innovation for DevelopmentDormant
851Innovations for Poverty Action Dormant
852Institute for Policy InteractionDormant
853Intergrated Health InitiativeDormant
854Joyce Banda Foundation InternationalDormant
855Kamamina Orphan Support and Skills CentreDormant
856Kaporo foundation Community trustDormant
857Learning Aid LimitedDormant
858Lift me upDormant
859Link for Citizen Empowerment and DevelopmentDormant
860Literacy For ChangeDormant
861Malawi Enterprise Zone AssociationDormant
862Mama Africa Foundation TrustaDormant
863Mchenga Local NGODormant
864Mibawa Multimedia for Social DevelopmentDormant
865Ministry of Zoey's PlaceDormant
866Miracle FoundationDormant
867Miske Witt & Associates, IncDormant
868Mpherere Association for Development in EducationDormant
869Munawwarah Islamic OrganisationDormant
870National Cooperation Business association -CLUSA InternationalDormant
871Ndi tsogolo langaDormant
872Orphan Care Malawi ProjectDormant
873Orphan Widow, Aids, Campaign OrganisationDormant
874Paediatric Surgery TrustDormant
875Pamudzi Community TrustDormant
876Partners Alliance in Development Dormant
877Prisca Care FoundationDormant
878Programme for Rural EmpowermentDormant
879Project Child MalawiDormant
880Project RevivalDormant
881Public Service Pensioners Association Dormant
882Seward incorporatedDormant
883Social Initiative Program and Community Innovation OrganisationDormant
884Wakisa Local NGODormant